A start up is just an idea under conditions of extreme uncertainty

You may have a brilliant idea which has great utility that solves a real problem or has great utility, but solving a real problem and commercializing it or making money from it is a different game altogether. Often young entrepreneurs struggle when it comes to executing their business plan and commercializing the idea as most do not have an expertise background. Even young entrepreneurs who have passed out from business schools often find the going tough. Starting up needs active guidance, mentoring and a considerable amount of hand holding, that is exactly what EPIC’s (Entrepreneurship Promotion and Incubation Council’s) core values are.

What to expect @ EPIC – A not-for-profit incubator, who typically help grow your business to improve the economy

Pre in-cube – Pre seed
Incubation – Seed
Accelerator – Growth

EPIC can help your baby startup idea bootstrap:

  • Validation of Idea
  • Mentoring support – Exposure to Industry Leaders & Mentorship
  • Co-working space – Low Cost Co-working Space & Flexibility
  • Access to Funding Shared Resource Pool and also support in fund raising from various government sponsored schemes
  • Low Cost Access to Expensive & Sophisticated Equipment
  • Angel Investing
  • Opportunity to Network
  • Accelerate Growth of Your Startup
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Help with Regulatory Compliance

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