Idea Exploration 2.0

Idea Themes: Purane Khel – Digital Avatar

The Entrepreneurship Promotion and Incubation Council (EPIC) is committed to nurturing innovators, entrepreneurs, and startups. In line with this mission, EPIC TBI has collaborated with various regional institutions to foster the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The centre in collaboration with Ambala College of Engineering and Applied Research conducted Idea Exploration 2.0 to foster Creativity and Innovation among students. The registration received from 15 teams for the ACE-EPIC Idea Exploration 2.0, 2024. The first stage screening of the ideas was conducted on 26th March 2024. The final presentation of 11 valid ideas was conducted on 28th March 2024. The teams presented in PPT format and provided constructed feedback by the evaluation team for the presentations. The teams came up with an innovative idea/ solution for the digitalization of the traditional games with learning and benefit to the user.

The teams presented on 28th March 2024 are as follows:

Team NameName and Detail of InnovatorsName of University/ Institute/ College and PlaceThe traditional game team trying to playThe technology and development NeedKey speciality of the traditional game trying to digitalize
Vedic InnovatorsRish, SrishtiACE“Pachisi”Developing a mobile application for both Android and iOS platforms, So there’s a requirement for High End Graphic Card Supporting CPU and Subscription of Some Software which is used in Game DevelopmentCombining the fun and excitement of the classic board game with the educational aspects of Vedic mathematics to enhance cognitive skills and numerical abilities
Team ParadoxSarvpreet Singh, Jagdeep, Nitin, Taranpreet SinghACEPakdam Pakdai, Kancha, Luka ChuppiVR, Graphics, Multiplayer etcReal Life VR Experience and Enhanced Enjoyment
Hide & Seek InnovatorsJatin, Badal RanaACEHide and seekUnity and c#Transforming “Chhupan Chhupai” into a digital format, we’re preserving its nostalgic charm while enhancing it with modern features like online multiplayer, dynamic environments, and customizable gameplay
Rubusta trioVeena, Pooja Dhiman, MehakACEKanche,stapooPython language
The Aptituder – Chupan ChupayiNitish, HarshitACEChupan chupayiAptitude Questions and python language for creating the applicationWe are digitalise the traditional game in the form of preparation for aptitude test
OLD IS GOLDVarun Kumar, Alok KumarACEPithu GaramUnity(Game engine), Java/C#/Python(for coding), Blender( Animation tool)Team work, Agility and Strategy among players
Legacy KeeperIsha BhatiaACEChauparKotlin for Android development, Swift for iOS app development, Unity (game development engine).Strategy and planning, patience and persistence, cultural and historical awareness
Ice-SplashBadal Rana, JatinACEBarf PaaniUnrealBarf Paani game being digitalized is its blend of physical activity, strategy, and social interaction
Rolling RhythmPrachiACEHoop TrundlingMixed RealityImproves focus Increases happiness levels Boosts strength Improves blood circulation
OLD SKOOLAditya Sharma, Abhishek Tarn, Aryan SharmaACEVarious Outdoor gamesUnityOutdoor Activity
TEAM NEXUSAsmit Sharma, Rajat SharmaKUK/JMIETI RadaurChirri UddHTML, CSS and JavaScriptPuzzle game which emphasize learning

Some of the Pictures of the event:

ACE-EPIC Idea Exploration 2.0, 2024, Idea Evaluation experts:

From Left to Right: Dr. Vijay Anand, ECE; Prof. Rajwinder Kaur, HOD,; Prof. Seema Rani, HOD

The innovator teams on 28th March 2024 during final presentation adjudged winner, first runner up and Second runner up as follows:

PositionTeam NameInnovators NameUniversity/ Institute
WinnerOLD SKOOLAditya Sharma, Abhishek Tarn, Aryan SharmaACE
First Runner upHide & Seek Innovators  and Rolling RhythmJatin, Badal Rana and PrachiACE
Second Runner upTeam Paradox and
Sarvpreet Singh, Jagdeep, Nitin, Taranpreet Singh and Asmit Sharma, Rajat SharmaACE

We express our sincere gratitude to our esteemed patrons, Sh. Nalini Kant, Dr. Ashawant Gupta, Sh. Rajni Kant, Sh. Rama Kant, Sh. Ashwani Goel, Sh. Sharat Gupta, Sh. Naresh Gupta, and Sh. Shubhash Bansal, for their invaluable guidance and support in successfully hosting the ACE-EPIC Idea Exploration 2.0, 2024. Additionally, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Kamal Kumar, Principal of ACE College, for granting students the opportunity to participate in the event, as well as to the management and EPIC TBI staff for their unwavering support throughout the process..