Expert Panel Discussion with Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME)

Host: Ambala College of Engineering and Applied Research (ACE) and Entrepreneurship Promotion and Incubation Council (EPIC), Ambala

Objective: To explore various opportunities in MSME funded projects in terms of college students and incubatees in EPIC

Report: Mr. Sanjeev Chawla (Director, MSME) and Ms. Meenu Dhiman (Assistant Director, MSME) visited ACE on 27th September 2022, and met Er. Nalinikant (Managing Director, MDI), Er. Ramakant (Director, EPIC), Dr. Kamal Kumar Sharma (Principal, ACE), and Er. Paavan (Assistant professor, Biotechnology Department). They discussed various opportunities for engineering graduates as well as incubatees in MSME funded projects.

They visited EPIC, Ambala, and met various engineers working as incubatees in EPIC and provided them insights about the projects in which they can apply and get government grants. They also discussed about the MSME Hackathons being conducted by the Government of India for college graduates, their participation, and project grants. We were informed about the various other schemes being run by the government to promote education and entrepreneurship among the youth of India, such as IDMI (Infrastructure Development in Minority Institutes) and TDF (Technology Development Fund). Overall, it was a very informative discussion which has opened new paths for the students of ACE as well as engineers working in EPIC.

Outcome: Engineers of EPIC and the college fraternity have acquired knowledge about the various schemes being run by the government and their benefits for the welfare of students and society.